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Every day, millions of products are ordered online, and quite a few are sent back. Simply because we don’t like the color or because the product does not meet our expectations somehow. These returned products often have only a scratch, light traces of use, or damaged packaging.

We give these valuable products a second chance. Will you join us? Choose a Breezy Return, a win-win for the environment and your wallet!

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We are here to help

Below you’ll find the most common answers to your questions.

  1. We offer a 30-day withdrawal period on all our channels. For BVA Auctions, we offer 14 days withdrawal period.

  2. You can register your order for return via your account of the relevant website. You will then receive a free return label with which you can return your product free of charge.

  3. Because we work with returned items and therefore unique products, it is not possible to exchange a product or send a replacement item. However, it is possible to return a product for a refund and place a new order.

  4. With us you are assured of 12 months vendor warranty on products purchased after January 1, 2022. On products bought before that time, a seller’s guarantee of 6 months applies.

    Because each product is unique, we do not exchange items. Furthermore, we do not offer a repair service.

    As far as manufacturer’s warranty is concerned, the manufacturer determines whether you are eligible for this. Should it appear after purchase that you are not entitled to a manufacturer’s warranty, you still have the option of returning your purchase within 30 days of receipt for a refund.

  5. Contact our Customer Service team via the contact form or via your account of the relevant website. Together we will look for a solution.

  6. Contact our Customer Service team via the contact form or via your account on the relevant website. Together we will look for a solution.

  7. As soon as your product has arrived at our warehouse, you will be refunded within 5 working days.

  8. You will receive your refund on the same account you have used to make the payment. If you paid with iDeal, it will be transferred to your bank account, if you paid with PayPal it will be transferred to your PayPal account etc.

  9. You can buy our products through the above-mentioned websites by placing them in your shopping cart and ordering from there.

    It is not possible to buy products directly from us.

  10. After ordering, it is no longer possible to cancel the order. If you do not wish to receive the product, you can do 2 things:

    Option 1: refuse the package at the door and then register it for return via your account on the relevant website. When the package is returned you will receive a refund.

    Option 2: accept the package. If the product really does not meet your wishes, you can register it for return within 30 days after receipt via your account of the website and hand the package over at the post office. When the package is returned you will receive a refund.

  11. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change an order afterwards.

  12. Because we believe in sustainability, there will be no paper invoice and/or packing slip in the box. However, once your order has been delivered, you can request an invoice from our Customer Service team.

  13. It is not possible to participate in cashback actions or other actions by the manufacturer after the purchase of return products.

  14. Because we already offer our products at a reduced price, it is not possible to negotiate or make bids.

  15. We give returns a second life: the product has often only been out of the packaging for a short time, has slight traces of use or is not completely new for some reason. In addition, we always indicate the current condition of the product and in case of traces of use or damage, we always report this, so that you know exactly what you are buying.

    All our products are tested and reprogrammed where necessary.

  16. We do not know the reason why a product is returned. We therefore do not know the age of the product or the possible reason for return. Nor do we know if and how long the product has been in use.

  17. We take additional photos of our products if there is any visible damage. It is possible to request these photos from our Customer Service Team via our contact form.

  18. The delivery of large devices is a threshold service. It will therefore be delivered at the front door. Your old device can be taken by the driver for disposal. The device needs to be ready for pickup at the front door.

  19. There may be costs associated with shipping our products. This depends on the product and the website where it was ordered from.

  20. Unfortunately it is not possible to collect orders from us.

  21. All regular orders are delivered by DPD (Europe) or PostNL (Benelux). Large items are delivered by Dynalogic (NL/BE).

  22. In the Benelux, we deliver within 1 working day if you order before 3 PM. If you order after Friday at 3 PM, your order will be delivered on Tuesday.

  23. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send an order via express shipping.

  24. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the time of delivery yourself.

  25. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have an order delivered to a PO Box address.

  26. Your Track & Trace code will be available within 24 hours of placing the order, with the exception of orders placed on Friday.

  27. With a Track & Trace code, we mark an order. This way you can see when the delivery person comes by. It’s also your shipping receipt. If something goes wrong, we use the Track & Trace code to see where it is.

  28. Contact our Customer Service team via our contact form or via your account of the website you’ve placed the order on. Together we will look for a solution.

  29. Large products are only delivered in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  30. Large products are delivered on weekdays with Dynalogic. The delivery time is 1 working day.

    Delivery is between 8 AM and 10 PM. It is not possible to choose the first delivery moment yourself.

    You will receive a message from Dynalogic when they will deliver and on the day itself you can see what time the courier will be with you using the track & trace code.

  31. You will then receive a message from Dynalogic to schedule an appointment for a second delivery on a weekday of your choice.

  32. We will if it’s possible. Because by sending an order in one shipment, we reduce our impact on the environment.

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About us

We give returned products a second life. Because why would you buy a brand new product, when there is an equally good alternative?

The only difference from a new product is that it was previously ordered by someone else and then sent back. We check all of these returned products in our warehouse. We test them, clean them and if necessary we carry out repairs. This way we always guarantee the highest possible quality. For each product we indicate its condition, so you won’t experience any surprises.

By giving returns a second life, we prevent waste. Together we contribute to a circular economy and a more sustainable world.

Breezy, always a smile in return. For you, and for the environment.

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